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core: add enum KinematicLevel

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......@@ -48,6 +48,16 @@ namespace pinocchio
LOCAL_WORLD_ALIGNED = 2 ///< The LOCAL_WORLD_ALIGNED frame convention corresponds to the frame centered on the moving part (Joint, Frame, etc.) but with axes aligned with the frame of the Universe. This a MIXED representation betwenn the LOCAL and the WORLD conventions.
/// \brief List of Kinematics Level supported by Pinocchio.
enum KinematicLevel
POSITION = 0, ///< Refers to the quantities related to the 0-order kinematics (joint placements, center of mass position, etc.).
VELOCITY = 1, ///< Refers to the quantities related to the 1st-order kinematics (joint velocities, center of mass velocity, etc.).
ACCELERATION = 2 ///< Refers to the quantities related to the 2nd-order kinematics (joint accelerations, center of mass acceleration, etc.).
* @}
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