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[Examples] Add example on how to use kinematics derivatives in Python

C++ example is coming soon.
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import pinocchio as pin
import numpy as np
# Create model and data
model = pin.Model.BuildHumanoidSimple()
data = model.createData()
# Set bounds (by default they are undefinded)
model.lowerPositionLimit = -np.matrix(np.ones((model.nq,1)))
model.upperPositionLimit = np.matrix(np.ones((model.nq,1)))
q = pin.randomConfiguration(model) # joint configuration
v = np.matrix(np.random.rand(model.nv,1)) # joint velocity
a = np.matrix(np.random.rand(model.nv,1)) # joint acceleration
# Evaluate all the terms required by the kinematics derivatives
# Evaluate the derivatives for a precise joint (e.g. rleg6_joint)
joint_name = "rleg6_joint"
joint_id = model.getJointId(joint_name)
# Derivatives of the spatial velocity with respect to the joint configuration and velocity vectors
(dv_dq,dv_dv) = pin.getJointVelocityDerivatives(model,data,joint_id,pin.ReferenceFrame.WORLD)
# or to get them in the LOCAL frame of the joint
(dv_dq_local,dv_dv_local) = pin.getJointVelocityDerivatives(model,data,joint_id,pin.ReferenceFrame.LOCAL)
# Derivatives of the spatial acceleration of the joint with respect to the joint configuration, velocity and acceleration vectors
(dv_dq,da_dq,da_dv,da_da) = pin.getJointAccelerationDerivatives(model,data,joint_id,pin.ReferenceFrame.WORLD)
# or to get them in the LOCAL frame of the joint
(dv_dq_local,da_dq_local,da_dv_local,da_da_local) = pin.getJointAccelerationDerivatives(model,data,joint_id,pin.ReferenceFrame.LOCAL)
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