Commit 469d2d5e authored by Wolfgang Merkt's avatar Wolfgang Merkt
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Change generic message for runtime assert

parent 4a28d1e7
......@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@
#include <exception>
/// \brief Macro to check an assert-like condition and throw a runtime error exception (with a message) if violated.
#define PINOCCHIO_ASSERT_THROW_AT_RUNTIME(cond) if (!(cond)) { throw std::runtime_error("Wrong argument size"); }
#define PINOCCHIO_ASSERT_THROW_AT_RUNTIME(cond) if (!(cond)) { throw std::runtime_error("Please check the dimensions of all input arguments."); }
#define PINOCCHIO_ASSERT_THROW_AT_RUNTIME_WITH_MESSAGE(cond, message) if (!(cond)) { throw std::runtime_error(message); }
// For more details, visit
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