Verified Commit 4292b3ac authored by Justin Carpentier's avatar Justin Carpentier
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spatial/force: add specialization of ForceRef<const Vector6ArgType>

parent 0cab2617
......@@ -97,6 +97,33 @@ namespace pinocchio
}; // class ForceRef<Vector6Like>
template<typename Vector6ArgType>
struct traits< ForceRef<const Vector6ArgType> >
typedef typename Vector6ArgType::Scalar Scalar;
typedef typename PINOCCHIO_EIGEN_PLAIN_TYPE(Vector6ArgType) Vector6;
enum {
Options = Vector6::Options
typedef Eigen::Matrix<Scalar,3,1,Options> Vector3;
typedef Eigen::Matrix<Scalar,6,6,Options> Matrix6;
typedef Matrix6 ActionMatrixType;
typedef typename Vector6ArgType::template ConstFixedSegmentReturnType<3>::Type ConstLinearType;
typedef typename Vector6ArgType::template ConstFixedSegmentReturnType<3>::Type ConstAngularType;
typedef ConstLinearType LinearType;
typedef ConstAngularType AngularType;
typedef ForceTpl<Scalar,Options> ForcePlain;
typedef ForcePlain PlainReturnType;
typedef typename PINOCCHIO_EIGEN_REF_CONST_TYPE(Vector6ArgType) ConstDataRefType;
typedef ConstDataRefType ToVectorConstReturnType;
typedef ConstDataRefType DataRefType;
typedef DataRefType ToVectorReturnType;
typedef ForceRef<const Vector6ArgType> ForceRefType;
}; // traits ForceRef<const Vector6ArgType>
template<typename Vector6ArgType>
class ForceRef<const Vector6ArgType>
: public ForceDense< ForceRef<const Vector6ArgType> >
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