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python/meshcat: mention the bug within MeshCat

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......@@ -261,17 +261,19 @@ class MeshcatVisualizer(BaseVisualizer):
pin.updateGeometryPlacements(self.model,, self.visual_model, self.visual_data)
for visual in self.visual_model.geometryObjects:
visual_name = self.getViewerNodeName(visual,pin.GeometryType.VISUAL)
# Get mesh pose.
M = self.visual_data.oMg[self.visual_model.getGeometryId(]
# Manage scaling
if self.isMesh(visual):
# Manage scaling: force scaling even if this should be normally handled by MeshCat (but there is a bug here)
if isMesh(visual):
scale = np.asarray(visual.meshScale).flatten()
S = np.diag(np.concatenate((scale,[1.0])))
T = np.array(M.homogeneous).dot(S)
T = M.homogeneous
# Update viewer configuration.
def displayCollisions(self,visibility):
"""Set whether to display collision objects or not.
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