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python/deprecated: remove old StdVect

parent 25fe263d
......@@ -11,17 +11,6 @@ import warnings as _warnings
from . import libpinocchio_pywrap as pin
from .deprecation import deprecated, DeprecatedWarning
# deprecated StdVect_ (since: 19/04/2019)
StdVect_Frame = deprecated("Please use StdVec_Frame")(pin.StdVec_Frame)
StdVect_GeometryObject = deprecated("Please use StdVec_GeometryObject")(pin.StdVec_GeometryObject)
StdVect_Contact = deprecated("Please use StdVec_Contact")(pin.StdVec_Contact)
StdVect_CollisionResult = deprecated("Please use StdVec_CollisionResult")(pin.StdVec_CollisionResult)
StdVect_DistanceResult = deprecated("Please use StdVec_DistanceResult")(pin.StdVec_DistanceResult)
StdVect_SE3 = deprecated("Please use StdVec_SE3")(pin.StdVec_SE3)
StdVect_Force = deprecated("Please use StdVec_Force")(pin.StdVec_Force)
StdVect_Motion = deprecated("Please use StdVec_Motion")(pin.StdVec_Motion)
# This function is only deprecated when using a specific signature. Therefore, it needs special care
# Marked as deprecated on 16 Sept 2019
def impulseDynamics(model, data, *args):
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