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See INSTALL for installation instructions.
The dynamic-graph library is a framework to create dynamic
graphs of generic entities connected together by signals,
with helper facilities such as signal casters, an object
factory and an object pool. It is a spin-off and was
originally part of the StackOfTasks library.
This software provides an efficient way to modelize a C++ data-flow.
A dynamic graph data-flow is composed of:
- entities (graph nodes)
- signals (input/output of a graph action)
Output signals can then be plugged into input signals to data
An efficient caching mechanism avoid useless data recomputation and a
simple built-in language can be used to control the graph actions.
To compile this package, it is recommended to create a separate build
mkdir _build
cd _build
cmake [OPTIONS] ..
make install
Please note that CMake produces a `CMakeCache.txt` file which should
be deleted to reconfigure a package from scratch.
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