Commit 99d04857 authored by florent's avatar florent
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Add message in exception when a signal type is already registered.

    * src/signal/signal-caster.cpp.
parent 0e6ee86d
......@@ -29,8 +29,13 @@ SignalCaster::~SignalCaster() {
void SignalCaster::registerCast(const type_info& type, SignalCaster::displayer_type displayer,
SignalCaster::caster_type caster, SignalCaster::tracer_type tracer) {
if ( existsCast(type) )
throw ExceptionSignal(ExceptionSignal::GENERIC); //TODO: throw "cast already registered for type" exception
if ( existsCast(type) ) {
std::string typeName(;
std::ostringstream os;
os << "cast already registered for type " << typeName << ".";
throw ExceptionSignal(ExceptionSignal::GENERIC,
os.str()); //TODO: throw "cast already registered for type" exception
functions_[] = cast_functions_type(displayer,caster, tracer);
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