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......@@ -36,11 +36,11 @@ It is providing a step-by-step way of building an entity
\section sec_htw_helpers Helpers
When writing entities you might use some macros which are very useful to write your class.
They are given also in the <a href="">sot-core</a> package as well.
\subsection subsec_howto_typedef Entity helpers
The header <b>entity-helper.h</b> is defining a type called EntityClassName
\section sec_howto_macros_helpers Macro helpers
\subsection subsec_howto_macros_helpers Preprocessing macros for signals
......@@ -95,17 +95,27 @@ The header <b>entity-helper.h</b> is defining a type called EntityClassName
</li> Inner signals
<li> <b> DECLARE_SIGNAL_INNER(signal_name,type)</b>
Inner signal are signal that depend on a state of the entity and not on input signals.
This macro declares an inner signal with the following pattern:
This macro
It also creates a member function with the following pattern:
type & EntityClassName::nameSINNER_function(signal_name)(type &, int)
<li> <b>DEFINE_SIGNAL_INNER_FUNCTION(signal_name,type)</b>
This macro is used to implement the method related to signal_name. More precisely
it provides the header of the member function(i.e. method) declaration.
This macros declares the member function used to handle the access to this signal.
/* Copyright 2019, LAAS-CNRS
* Olivier Stasse
* See LICENSE file
#include <sstream>
#include <iostream>
#include <dynamic-graph/entity.h>
#include <dynamic-graph/exception-factory.h>
#include "dynamic-graph/factory.h"
#include "dynamic-graph/pool.h"
#include <dynamic-graph/real-time-logger.h>
#include <dynamic-graph/logger.h>
#define BOOST_TEST_MODULE debug-logger
#include <boost/test/unit_test.hpp>
#include <boost/test/output_test_stream.hpp>
using boost::test_tools::output_test_stream;
namespace dynamicgraph
class CustomEntity : public Entity
static const std::string CLASS_NAME;
virtual const std::string& getClassName () const
return CLASS_NAME;
CustomEntity (const std::string n)
: Entity (n)
LoggerVerbosity alv = logger_.getVerbosity();
void testDebugTrace()
sendMsg("This is a message of level MSG_TYPE_DEBUG",MSG_TYPE_DEBUG);
sendMsg("This is a message of level MSG_TYPE_INFO",MSG_TYPE_INFO);
sendMsg("This is a message of level MSG_TYPE_WARNING",MSG_TYPE_WARNING);
sendMsg("This is a message of level MSG_TYPE_ERROR",MSG_TYPE_ERROR);
sendMsg("This is a message of level MSG_TYPE_DEBUG_STREAM",MSG_TYPE_DEBUG_STREAM);
sendMsg("This is a message of level MSG_TYPE_INFO_STREAM",MSG_TYPE_INFO_STREAM);
sendMsg("This is a message of level MSG_TYPE_WARNING_STREAM",MSG_TYPE_WARNING_STREAM);
sendMsg("This is a message of level MSG_TYPE_ERROR_STREAM",MSG_TYPE_ERROR_STREAM);
std::ofstream of;
BOOST_CHECK_EQUAL (dynamicgraph::CustomEntity::CLASS_NAME, "CustomEntity");
dynamicgraph::CustomEntity& entity = *(dynamic_cast<dynamicgraph::CustomEntity *>(
for(unsigned int i=0;i<10000;i++)
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