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Florent Lamiraux committed
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New in version 2.5.1 - 2011-12-07
      Make destructor of TimeDependency virtual.
      Do not hardcode dl, use ${CMAKE_DL_LIBS}.
      Win32: Correct the importation/exportation of symbols
      Win32: Correct a wrong macro
      Add missing header inclusion
      Disable a test for mac.
      For compatibility, added a static function to bind the singleton.
New in version 2.5 - 2011-06-21
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Francois Bleibel committed
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New in version 1.1 - 2010-09-30
      Configured dynamicGraph package and cmake files. Last-minute adjustment to code for SOT separation (SOT Break)
      Added forgotten files.
      Wrong file added to git repository (corrected).
New in version 1.0.0
      Changed version number to 1.0.0
      Removed SOT reference (<sot/*.h> --> <dynamicGraph/*.h>)
      dynamicGraph now compiles shared libraries.
      Type in symbol dgDEBUGFLOW resulted in not being able to load shared libraries. Fixed. Preliminary documentation changes. Re-added INSTALL file.
      Removed debug hack left in the last commit.
      Removed dependencies on all other packages.
      Renamed pkg-config definition file to adhere standards.
      Added documentation, renamed header paths, corrected CMakeLists accordingly.
      Added two unit tests.
      The package name is now dynamic-graph (this still needs to be changed in the git repository). Updated source files to reflect that change. Clarified CMakeLists, explicited cpp source files for libraries.
      Added forgotten header dynamic-graph-API.h
      Changed CMakeLists to cope for the new headers location.     Renamed dynamic-graph-API.h to dynamic-graph-api.h in every header file.
      Added a new test (test_pool).
      Added two unit tests.
      Implemented dynamic casting facility from signals to std::streams
      Bug fixes following the reintroduction of casts in dynamicgraph.
      Cast: Unit testing
      Forgot to include some code in the last commit.
      Used signal exceptions for the exceptions thrown by SignalCast.
      Added forgotten test file test_signalcast.cpp
      Added forgotten file all-signals.h
      Now only generated documentation if GENERATE_DOC is ON.
      Cosmetic change in CMakeLists.txt
      Removed all 'sot' references.
      Re-added shell functions and procedures.
      Added README information. Read me! Removed the test test_factory (need to design a new one)
      Separated unit tests and tools. Added ADD_TEST cmake command.
      Removed all using namespace directives from headers. Some minor resulting bugfixes.
      Added UNIX guard for inclusion of dynamic load library in CMakeFiles.
      Added auto-generated script to start shell with default plugins loaded.
      Corrected typo 'dependant' -> 'dependent'
      Added tracer plugin to source.
      Removed default definition of VP_DEBUG_MODE in cmake (already in header).
      Changed linking of exceptions and traces.
      Removed the EXTRA_LIBRARIES.
      Put shell functions firmly into dynamicgraph. Removed plugin. Corrected headers inclusion.
      Made DefaultSignalCaster public (exported).     Added boost::ublas::vector example to test_signalcast.
      Added SignalCaster tests with shared libraries.
      Enabled thread support (was disabled before because HAVE_LIBBOOST_THREAD was not defined)
      Port Olivier's changes in SOT commit eacfd9544ca
      Added support for TOOLS exceptions
      Re-added shell-functions plugin (exports functions defined in dynamic-graph to the shell).
      Removed CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX in INSTALL directives.
      Changed parts of documentation.
      Changed name of the traces file.
      Added more exception catch codes in interpreter. Should now link correctly with boost libraries. Small debug output changes.
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
      Removed automatic definition of VP_DEBUG.
      Added libraries rpath.
      Revert "Added libraries rpath."

Francois Keith (11):
      Win32: Correct typo in the macro name for the API
      Win32: typo in the API
      Add a missing dependency between tracer-RT and tracer
      Win32: Add the exportation of SignalCast
      Win32: Correct exportation of g_caster
      The dependency in dl is unix-specific
      Add the missing "int" in "int main (void)"
      Win32: Correct API name for contiifstream
      Win32: Add some definitions to avoid some verbose warnings
      Use the correct macro for import/export in functions.h
      Correct the exception raised by signalTime

Mansard (1):
      Added an example of caster construction for type vector (dummy cast, similar to the default one, just for the tuto).

Olivier Stasse (4):
      Add detection of boost.
      Fix boost detection
      First version for the interpreter-helper.
      Add uninstall target to dynamic-graph.

Thomas Moulard (19):
      Getting rid of obsolete file.
      Rename README into
      Remove INSTALL file.
      Rewrite README using Markdown syntax.
      Rewrite NEWS file.
      Rewrite AUTHORS file.
      Add LGPL-3 license.
      Add license header.
      Debianize package.
      Update project version to
      Fix Debian package (main binary pacakge was missing).
      Add newline at end of file.
      Install binaries in bin directory.
      Use mktemp to create temporary file in
      Remove .sh extension to installed shell scripts.
      Add missing build requirement in Debian package.
      Increment build number for the Debian package.
      Add plug-ins to package.

florent (17):
      Rename file according to standard
      Fix documentation generation
      Activate debug tracing by configuration option CMAKE_VERBOSITY_LEVEL     	 * src/CMakeLists.txt.
      Remove trailing white spaces
      Migrate code of plugin shell-functions to main library
      Add -DVP_DEBUG in debug mode.
      Move class Contiifstream into namespace dynamicgraph.
      Cosmetic changes
      Reintroduce file that mysteriously disappeared in commit 41e11cc3776c29c91ef
      Fix compilation of tests
      Make ExceptionAbstract::getStringMessage const
      Add message in exception
      Use stringstream to pass values in set/get test.
      Make ExceptionAbstract derive from std::exception.
      Do not rethrow exception, since boost exceptions derive from std::exception
      Make exception message more explicit
      Add message in exception when a signal type is already registered.

stasse (3):
      Reinforce the dependant->dependent policy.     Merge the florent branch.     Makes the test_depend.cpp test works.
      Reinforce the dependant->dependent policy.
      Adding documentation to cmdPlug.
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Thomas Moulard committed