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\page debug Debugging

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They are several ways to perform debugging in dynamic-graph depending on your
needs or situation:
- Programmatically inside the entity in C++ will write inside a buffer in a
different thread and output in a stream (either std::cout or a file). It is
detailed in \subpage subp_debug_rt_logger.
- Programmatically inside the entity in C++ using a member of the entities and
the previous real-time mechanism. It provides 4 levels of messags :(DEBUG,INFO,
WARNING, ERROR). It is described in details here: \subpage subp_logger
- Programmatically in C++ to avoid overhead with macros and handling level as an
int: \subpage subp_dbg_trace
- If you just need to collect informations from signals (like rosbag). You can
use an entity called Tracer inside the graph:\subpage tracerdoc . <br> A real
time version exists to write directly inside a memory buffer \subpage