Commit d358b4a1 authored by olivier stasse's avatar olivier stasse
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Robustify the python interpreter when some python objects cannot be stringified.

parent b43fa1da
......@@ -110,7 +110,11 @@ std::string Interpreter::python( const std::string& command )
} else {
result = PyObject_Repr(result);
std::string value = PyString_AsString(result);
std::string value = "";
// PyString_AsString will generate a segv if result is NULL.
// This might be the case if PyObject_Repr fails.
if (result!=NULL)
value = PyString_AsString(result);
return value;
......@@ -157,9 +161,13 @@ void Interpreter::python( const std::string& command, std::string& res,
Py_eval_input, globals_,
out = PyString_AsString(stdout_obj);
// Local display for the robot (in debug mode or for the logs)
std::cout << out;
result = PyObject_Repr(result);
res = PyString_AsString(result);
// If python cannot build a string representation of result
// then results is equal to NULL. This will trigger a SEGV
if (result!=NULL)
res = PyString_AsString(result);
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