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Merge commit 'v2.5.3'

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Write in this file the modifications you commit.
* Fix pb with filesystem version.
* Make runCommand without error messages deprecated.
* Changes std::cout to dgDEBUG.
* Add test to detect statement in evaluation.
* Synchronize cmake
* Robustify the python interpreter when some python objects cannot be stringified.
* Synchronize.
* Correct the link with boost on Ubuntu 11.04.
* Keep track of entities created via python.
* Document entity class types with the output of C++ getDocString method.
* In command (), first print __doc__ if any.
* Make bindings more robust to exceptions.
* Make sure that Boost.Filesystem v2 is used.
* Revert "Add appropriate flag. file_system::file_string is deprecated since boost 1.46."
* Synchronize cmake submodule.
* Catch exceptions in getValue of
* Add appropriate flag. file_system::file_string is deprecated since boost 1.46.
* Synchronize.
* Win32: Remove wrong LoadLibrary.
* Correct the handling of python modules
* Correct the link with boost for Mac systems
* Add missing dependency in python
* Correct the link with the plugins for the wrap
* Correct the Python_module handling
* Correct link and dependencies
* Clean cmake files by using the routines in cmake/python.cmake
* Win32: correct the library load
* Win32: Correct the API of exception-python.hh
* Revert "Correct the link with lapack"
* Correct the link with lapack
* Correct the link with boost libraries
* Python object SignalBase can be constructed only with a SignalBase C++ object.
* Revert "Modify SignalBase.value."
* Modify SignalBase.value.
* Update NEWS.
* Add python binding for writing graph.
* Make error message more expressive.
* Enforce compatibility with python3.
* Replace dl module by DLFCN.
* More search for boost earlier in file.
* Synchronize and fix definition of PYTHON_SITELIB.
* Add dynamicgraph namespace to make VP_DEBUG mode compile.
* Minor changes in matlab display. Add a functor member to explicit the callable of optionalparentethis.
* Add file containing addTrace.
* Replace call to g_caster by call to SignalCaster::getInstance static method.
* FactoryStorage and PoolStorage are now singletons.
* Homogeneize error messages.
* Fix bug in getCommandDocstring.
* Changed the factory to enable heritage for Entity py-classes.
* Return a python error instead of throwing C++ exception.
* Merge branches 'topic/jrl-mal' and 'topic/jrl-mal' of ssh:// into topic/jrl-mal
* Correct a bug in parsing vector commands with integer value.
* Finished to correct the name of the DG error.
* Replace two remaining error by dgpyError.
* Correct exception throwing from C++ to rely raise something in the interpreter.
* Systematically catch std::exception abstract in python bindings.
* Corrected a wrong cast for specialized type in signal value accessor.
* Add method intepreter::python with stdout and stderr returned along with result.
* Make error message more specific whenever Entity.__getattr__ fails.
* Added a protection to avoid erasing signal name when setting a new value to the signal.
* Added the decorator optionalparentheses.
* Corrected a syntax error in an exception raising + remove the shortcut .m from the class basic definition.
* Corrected minor bug in command return.
* Added the entity.sigs shortcuts.
* Reorganize the command bindings of the entity classes. Remove the script shortcuts from the basic definition of Entity.
* Added the setattrpath function to handle for command name with . inside, like: robot.periodicCall.addSignal.
* Display repr() output instead of str() when command is successful.
* Do not add current directory in sys.path.
* Added a proper factory for pyEntities.
* Modify the "runFile" function that was not working, at create a new function to call for the shell.
* Changed the call to create_entity: when the required creation names already exists, check is the existing object is of the same class. If it is, returns the existing object instead of creating a new oine.
* Added an exception to handle error while creating an object.
* Dynamically load before initializing python interpreter.
* Add an accessor to get the global dictionary.
* Account for singleton rewriting of g_caster.
* Added a wrapper for entities of dg.
* Added display and displayDep in entity and signal.
* Bind SignalBase<T, int>::setTime.
* Revert "Set version number as 1.99."
* Fix --libs output of pkg-config and link boost and python with library.
* Added missing in the makefile.
* Added some specific convertion for vector, matrix and double signal, from C to Python (to avoid unnecessary convertion through strings.
* IVIGIT: passes some conveertion code from entity-py to the new files, for mutualisation.
* Added exception.hh in the files to install.
* Install and include in interpreter.hh api.hh.
* Fix installation of header file.
* Set version number as 1.99.
* Enable conversion from int to float and double in argument of bound functions.
* Added the display method, py-bound in __str__.
* Added a method to bound all new commands.
* Added a method to bound new commands dynamically.
* Define function display.
* Enable reading an int as a float when parsing a matrix.
* Added shortcuts in the entity and signal-base api to help debuging during online script execution.
* Added the unplug python function as a member of the signal-base class.
* Set sys.argv to [''] at initialization.
* Implement on-board python interpreter
* Added build and ~ in the gitignoe.
* Update docstring of Entity.signals().
* Bind SignalBase.display() and implement Entity.displaySignals() in python.
* Fix typo.
* Fix warnings.
* Save temporary changes to get list of signals of an entity.
* Synchronize cmake submodule.
* Raise exception when PyCObject_Check fails.
* Fix warnings.
* Switch to submodule.
* Do not destroy C++ entity when destroying python binding object.
* In Entity class, each signal gives rise to an attribute returning the signal.
* Change the error message when an attribute does not exist.
* Add a method getName in python class SignalBase
* Added the signals in the attribute of the entity class.
* With the doc.
* Added an helper to get the commands list and doc.
* Set error message in function w_plug when arguments are of wrong types.
* Add a function to get the list of type names registered for signals.
* Catch exception in SignalBase::recompute().
* Rename method display_signals -> displaySignals.
* Add recompute method in SignalBase python class.
* Add a function to get the list of type names registered for signals.
* Rename error
* Rewrite enableTrace command without using commandLine.
* Handle entity type as input to signal_base.value setter.
* Catch std::exception instead of dynamicgraph::ExceptionFactory.
* Remove debug output.
* Fix a bug in conversion of tuple of tuple python object to matrix.
* Rewrite stringToTuple and stringToMatrix in a simpler way.
* Set flags of dynamic loader so that symbols are global.
* Check that argument is string when string is expected in command.
* Catch std::exception when executing command
* Comply with jrl-mal syntax for vectors and matrices.
* Replace object member by obj in classes
* Rename method in python module
* When building python Entity classes, populate methods with docstrings.
* Use autotools substitution rule.
* Use submodule cmake to generate python documentation
* Add documentation generation using sphinx.
* Add submodule cmake
* Re-inforce type checking.
* Allow SignalBase.value to take typed arguments
* Remove debug output
* Remove debug output
* Implement tupleToString function
* Fix typo.
* Switch arguments of command plug.
* Fix a bug in handling of new types
* Support more types in command parameters
* Add a function to convert a string to a tuple
* Fix memory issue
* Remove trailing white spaces.
* Bind Entity commands as method in python classes
* Get rid of warning message
* Bind method Entity::getNewStyleCommandMap()
* Add a class attribute to store whether command methods have been created.
* Register Entity classes in modules from which they are imported
* Implement a function that creates a python class for for each entity C++ class
* Implement return value for commands.
* Fix a memory bug
* Add some debug output
* Implement binidings for commands
* Use factory to create entities.
* Bind method Entity::listEntities.
* Fix comment
* Make classes derive from object and re-introduce getter and setter decorators
* Remove registration of new ublas vector type.
* Call plug with right order for signals: plug (sigIn, sigOut).
* Rewrite dynamic_graph.plug.
* Use class InterpreterHelper instead of Interpreter.
* Catch exceptions in signal set and get value methods.
* Catch exceptions in signal set and get value methods.
* Do not use sophisticated setter and getter for the moment
* Change signal access method name in Entity python class
* Adapt to dynamic-graph change of interface
* Implement set and get signal value
* Fix constructor of python class SignalBase.
* Implement bindings for Entity and SignalBase C++ classes.
* Raise a python exception upon c++ exception in plug command
* Implement binding python for plug.
* Fix compilation of python module
* Bindings python for dynamic_grapĥ.
......@@ -107,12 +107,20 @@ int main (int argc, char** argv)
boost::filesystem::path path (pathStr);
std::stringstream ss;
ss << "!! In file <" << path.file_string () << "> : ";
ss << "!! In file <" << path.string () << "> : ";
std::string errorPrefix = ss.str ();
interpreter.runPythonFile (path.file_string ());
interpreter.runPythonFile (path.string ());
return 0;
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