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[Doc] improve doc of setLoggerVerbosityLevel
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...@@ -260,13 +260,15 @@ class Entity(object): ...@@ -260,13 +260,15 @@ class Entity(object):
def setLoggerVerbosityLevel(self, verbosity): def setLoggerVerbosityLevel(self, verbosity):
""" """
Specify for the entity the verbosity level Specify for the entity the verbosity level.
- param verbosity should be one of the attribute of the enum
""" """
return wrap.entity_set_logger_verbosity(self.obj, verbosity) return wrap.entity_set_logger_verbosity(self.obj, verbosity)
def getLoggerVerbosityLevel(self): def getLoggerVerbosityLevel(self):
""" """
Returns the entity's verbosity level Returns the entity's verbosity level (as a dynamic_graph.entity.VerbosityLevel)
""" """
r = wrap.entity_get_logger_verbosity(self.obj) r = wrap.entity_get_logger_verbosity(self.obj)
if r == 0: if r == 0:
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