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[robot-wrapper] BUG FIX: compute center of mass acceleration in...

[robot-wrapper] BUG FIX: compute center of mass acceleration in computeAllTerms (before it was not computed so we were introducing random number in the CoM task)
parent 41f00312
......@@ -68,6 +68,8 @@ namespace tsid
void RobotWrapper::computeAllTerms(Data & data, const Vector & q, const Vector & v) const
se3::computeAllTerms(m_model, data, q, v);
// computeAllTerms does not compute the com acceleration, so we need to call centerOfMass
se3::centerOfMass<true,true,true>(m_model, data, false);
se3::framesForwardKinematics(m_model, data);
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