Commit c6ecd95e authored by Julian Viereck's avatar Julian Viereck
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Add TrajSample.pos(SE3) for python bindings.

parent d5ed7beb
......@@ -23,44 +23,51 @@
#include <eigenpy/eigenpy.hpp>
#include <boost/python/suite/indexing/vector_indexing_suite.hpp>
#include <tsid/math/utils.hpp>
#include "tsid/trajectories/trajectory-base.hpp"
#include <assert.h>
namespace tsid
namespace python
namespace bp = boost::python;
typedef pinocchio::SE3 SE3;
template<typename TrajSample>
struct TrajectorySamplePythonVisitor
: public boost::python::def_visitor< TrajectorySamplePythonVisitor<TrajSample> >
template<class PyClass>
template<class PyClass>
void visit(PyClass& cl) const
.def(bp::init<unsigned int>((bp::arg("size")), "Default Constructor with size"))
.def(bp::init<unsigned int, unsigned int>((bp::arg("pos_size"), bp::arg("vel_size")), "Default Constructor with pos and vel size"))
.def("resize", &TrajectorySamplePythonVisitor::resize, bp::arg("size"))
.def("resize", &TrajectorySamplePythonVisitor::resize2, bp::args("pos_size", "vel_size"))
.def("pos", &TrajectorySamplePythonVisitor::pos)
.def("vel", &TrajectorySamplePythonVisitor::vel)
.def("acc", &TrajectorySamplePythonVisitor::acc)
.def("pos", &TrajectorySamplePythonVisitor::setpos)
.def("pos", &TrajectorySamplePythonVisitor::setpos_vec)
.def("pos", &TrajectorySamplePythonVisitor::setpos_se3)
.def("vel", &TrajectorySamplePythonVisitor::setvel)
.def("acc", &TrajectorySamplePythonVisitor::setacc)
static void setpos(TrajSample & self, const Eigen::VectorXd pos){
static void setpos_vec(TrajSample & self, const Eigen::VectorXd pos){
assert (self.pos.size() == pos.size());
self.pos = pos;
static void setpos_se3(TrajSample & self, const pinocchio::SE3 & pos){
assert (self.pos.size() == 12);
tsid::math::SE3ToVector(pos, self.pos);
static void setvel(TrajSample & self, const Eigen::VectorXd vel){
assert (self.vel.size() == vel.size());
self.vel = vel;
......@@ -84,7 +91,7 @@ namespace tsid
static Eigen::VectorXd acc(const TrajSample & self){
return self.acc;
static void expose(const std::string & class_name)
std::string doc = "Trajectory Sample info.";
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