Commit c2bbbda5 authored by andreadelprete's avatar andreadelprete
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[formulations] Remove debug prints

parent 55d13f93
......@@ -182,7 +182,6 @@ bool InverseDynamicsFormulationAccForce::addTorqueTask(TaskActuation & task,
bool InverseDynamicsFormulationAccForce::updateTaskWeight(const std::string & task_name,
double weight)
std::cout<<"Change weight of task "<<task_name<<" to "<<weight<<std::endl;
ConstraintLevel::iterator it;
// do not look into first priority level because weights do not matter there
for(int i=1; i<m_hqpData.size(); i++)
......@@ -191,17 +190,11 @@ bool InverseDynamicsFormulationAccForce::updateTaskWeight(const std::string & ta
if(it->second->name() == task_name)
std::cout<<"Task "<<task_name<<" found! Weight change executed!\n";
it->first = weight;
return true;
std::cout<<"Weight of task "<<it->second->name()<<" is "<<it->first<<"\n";
std::cout<<"Could not find task "<<task_name<<". Weight change FAILED!\n";
return false;
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