Commit b5e42d0a authored by Wolfgang Merkt's avatar Wolfgang Merkt
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Add fail-safe/quiet search for catkinized Pinocchio

- Will set up preprocessor directives
- Then pkg-config check as usual will find include directories, libraries, etc.
parent 6955a64d
......@@ -73,6 +73,12 @@ ENDIF(EIGEN_NO_AUTOMATIC_RESIZING)
# --- DEPENDENCIES -----------------------------------
# ----------------------------------------------------
ADD_REQUIRED_DEPENDENCY("eigen3 >= 3.2.0") # Eigen::Ref appeared from 3.2.0
# Fail-safe support for catkin-ized pinocchio:
# - If catkin-based pinocchio is installed it runs the CFG_EXTRAS to set up the Pinocchio preprocessor directives
# - If it isn't, nothing happens and the subsequent pkg-config check takes care of everything.
find_package(catkin QUIET COMPONENTS pinocchio)
ADD_REQUIRED_DEPENDENCY("pinocchio >= 1.3.0")
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