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New in 4.6.0
* Fix some uninitialized variables.
* ProblemPtr_t is now a shared_ptr
* Update to API change of configuration shooters.
* [contact generation] do not reverse the contact order queue anymore
* [contact generation] do not remove the first candidate of the list in maintain contact
* [projection] comment postural task in projectOnCom method
* [contact generation] check size of states list before calling filterStates
* [contact generation] remove now useless 'epsilon' in tryReplaceState
* [contact generation] fix deprecated warning for fcl collisionRequest
* [limb-rrt] add debug message
* [limb-rrt] set computationflag for forward kinematic in time-constraint-helper
* [limb-rrt] fix createComConstraint method
* [limb-rrt] fix createEffectorConstraint method
* update RightHandSideFunctor to changes in hpp-constraints
* [com-rrt] changes needed to access the real pathVector in corba (and not hide it inside another Path object)
* [effector] move helper method from effector-rrt to interpolation-constraints
* [effector] fix compilation error and warning from the update
* [steering method kino] correctly reset aMax before computing direction
* add a member 'postureWeights' to fullBody
* [contact generation] update analysis referenceConfig to use the 'fullBody->postureWeights'
* fix projectPointInsidePlan (access iterator after end)
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