Commit d4dae98f authored by JasonChmn's avatar JasonChmn Committed by Pierre Fernbach
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[bezier_curve] Minor fix on variable name

parent b785b362
......@@ -100,7 +100,7 @@ struct bezier_curve : public curve_abc<Time, Numeric, Safe, Point>
bezier_curve(const bezier_curve& other)
: t_min_(other.t_min_), t_max_(other.t_max_), mult_T_(other.mult_T_), size_(other.size_),
: T_min_(other.T_min_), T_max_(other.T_max_), mult_T_(other.mult_T_), size_(other.size_),
degree_(other.degree_), bernstein_(other.bernstein_), control_points_(other.control_points_)
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