Commit c445468c authored by JasonChmn's avatar JasonChmn
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Move some typename from template inside the class with typedef

parent bf5275b8
......@@ -24,12 +24,12 @@ namespace curves
template<typename Time= double, typename Numeric=Time, std::size_t Dim=3, bool Safe=false
, typename Point= Eigen::Matrix<Numeric, Dim, 1>
, typename Tangent= Eigen::Matrix<Numeric, Dim, 1>
, typename Pair_point_tangent= std::pair<Point, Tangent>
, typename Vector_pair= std::vector< Pair_point_tangent ,Eigen::aligned_allocator<Point> >
struct cubic_hermite_spline : public curve_abc<Time, Numeric, Dim, Safe, Point>
typedef Point Tangent;
typedef std::pair<Point, Tangent> Pair_point_tangent;
typedef std::vector< Pair_point_tangent ,Eigen::aligned_allocator<Point> > Vector_pair;
typedef int Index;
typedef std::vector<Time> Vector_time;
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