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[Python] add API for piecewise.FromPointsFile

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......@@ -263,6 +263,9 @@ static piecewise_t discretPointToPolynomialC2(const pointX_list_t& points, const
return piecewise_t::convert_discrete_points_to_polynomial<polynomial_t>(
points_list, points_derivative_list, points_second_derivative_list, time_points_list);
static piecewise_t load_piecewise_from_text_file(const std::string& filename, const real dt, const std::size_t dim){
return piecewise_t::load_piecewise_from_text_file<polynomial_t>(filename, dt, dim);
void addFinalPointC0(piecewise_t& self, const pointX_t& end, const real time) {
......@@ -748,6 +751,11 @@ BOOST_PYTHON_MODULE(curves) {
"given points derivative and second derivative values. The created piecewise is C2 continuous.",
args("points", "points_derivative", "points_second_derivative", "time_points"))
.def("FromPointsFile", &load_piecewise_from_text_file, args("filename", "dt", "dimension"),
"Create a piecewise-polynomial connecting exactly all the points in the given text file."
"The file should contains one points per line, optionally with it's derivative and second derivatives."
"Each lines should thus contains dim, 2*dim or 3*dim values")
.def("append", &addFinalPointC0,
"Append a new polynomial curve of degree 1 at the end of the piecewise curve, defined between self.max() "
"and time and connecting exactly self(self.max()) and end",
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