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# O2 Non Isolated Dual Channel Reprogrammable Converter
# Low Side Synchronous Buck
This converter is designed to operate between 10V to 120V as a Buck or Boost converter.
The power rating is given by the maximum current the inductors
and is currently 9Amps per power leg. Which means a maximum current flow
of 18Amps continuous in interleaved operation.
OwnTech's O² reprogrammable power converter is
a bi-directional 300W power converter. It features a
dual 12V to 72V low side and a single 40V to 100V
high side. Its maximum current value is 8A per
power channel.
The power channels can be used independently,
yielding two output voltages or combined to double
the current.
A reasonable power rating is 300W.
The converter is meant to operate at 200kHz with interleaving control.
The O² converter is fully open-source, with a
strong compatibility with the Zephyr RTOS and
modular programming approach.
A MATLAB® suit for code generation is also
available for auto-generating the code.
OwnTech's O² Reprogrammable power converter has a dedicated control board
composed of a STM32G474RE microcontroller connected to power drivers and a
series of peripherals. This board is electrically isolated from the power board.
OwnTech's O² has two expansion connectors compatible with USART and SPI. They
can be used to interface typical add on modules such as SD card readers without the
use of adapters.
# Repository architecture
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