1. 06 Apr, 2018 5 commits
  2. 05 Apr, 2018 8 commits
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      [lang/python33] Delete python33 package · 9bdba06c
      Anthony Mallet authored
      This is EOL.
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      [graphics/blender] Delete package and convert to a sysdep only · 2ce9651b
      Anthony Mallet authored
      The packaged version was outdated, and all supported distributions provide a
      newer alternative. No need to package it here, a sysdep is enough.
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      [mk/sysdep] Drop python33 alternative · 7ce4ea05
      Anthony Mallet authored
      python33 is EOL, no package is using it and it should not be used.
      Note: python32 has to be kept for compat with ubuntu 12.04, which is also EOL
      but that still has to be supported.
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      [meta-pkgs/hpp] some packages don't need hpp-util · feca7d5b
      Guilhem Saurel authored and Anthony Mallet's avatar Anthony Mallet committed
      Affected packages:
      * gepetto-viewer
      * gepetto-viewer-corba
      * hpp-fcl
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      [graphics/gepetto-viewer-corba] Doesn't need py-qt4 · 5be21574
      Guilhem Saurel authored and Anthony Mallet's avatar Anthony Mallet committed
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      [optimization/roboptim-trajectory] Update to 3.1 · 954799d2
      Guilhem Saurel authored and Anthony Mallet's avatar Anthony Mallet committed
      Changes since 1.0:
      Cf. optimization/roboptim-core
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      [optimization/roboptim-core] Update to 3.1 · 1ce9826e
      Guilhem Saurel authored and Anthony Mallet's avatar Anthony Mallet committed
      Changes since 3.0:
      * ColMajor/RowMajor support has been improved (cf. %89). Default is back to
        ColMajor since this is Eigen's default mode, but that can be changed with a
        CMake variable.
      * Allocation checking has been improved (cf. %92).
      * Multiplots are now available with the matplotlib plotting backend (cf. %94).
      * Added vector_t and bool to the solver parameter types. As a consequence,
        std::string parameters should not rely on automatic conversion from const
        char* (cf. 7a0bbb7).
      * Renamed scale[s]* to scaling* (cf. 434559c). Previous methods/typedefs are
        currently kept for backward compatibility, but marked as deprecated.
      * Add new StructuredInput helper (cf. %96).
      * Add support for matrix plotting with matplotlib (cf. 5abd27e / af48e9b).
      Changes since 2.0:
      * New features:
          * Lots of new functions (cos, sin, etc.), operators (plus, minus, scalar,
            map, etc.) and decorators (cached function etc.),
          * Callback system (logger, callback multiplexer),
          * Simple Matplotlib support for visualization,
          * Function pools,
          * Set argument names (useful for plotting).
      * Improvements:
          * Support Eigen::Ref: now RobOptim functions accept blocks/segments of
            Eigen matrices as input,
          * Improved CachedFunction with LRU cache,
          * Automatic conversion of constraints/cost function types when creating
          * Faster forward-difference rule for finite differences.
      * Other changes:
          * Removed exception specifiers (void function(...) throw())
          * Storage order was changed from Eigen's default (column-major) to
            row-major. The storage order is available in the GenericFunctionTraits
          * Move metaprogramming magic to roboptim/core/detail/utility.hh
          * Merge roboptim/core/visualization/util.hh with roboptim/core/util.hh
      Changes since 1.0:
      The version 2.0 of roboptim-core now depends on Eigen for matrix computations
      by default.
      Traits allow the user to use its own type. Support for Eigen dense and sparse
      matrices is built-in.
  3. 04 Apr, 2018 4 commits
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      [mk] Add and explanatory line in the output of the 'show-options' target · 71364df7
      Anthony Mallet authored
      Alternative summary in `make show-options` can be quite obfuscated without
      a manual. So display a short legend for each symbol present in the output of
      the current alternative selection.
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      [mk] print-pkgnames prints all existing alternatives · 758aed23
      Anthony Mallet authored
      In combination with commit:b014d103, this allows to list all valid/existing
      package names for all alternatives (read: python alternatives ...) instead of
      just those allowed to build.
      This also complements commit:d54a670a and will improve the bulk build results
      for those packages that exist but are disabled (read: python versions not
      available by default on a system).
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      [mk] Fail less hard if no alternative is available for a dependency · b014d103
      Anthony Mallet authored
      A package was completely disabled if user preferences for alternative selection
      (if any) could not be satisfied. This was useful in particular with python, to
      not try building packages with python versions that are by default not
      available on a system.
      However, completely disabling a package because of this creates nasty side
      effects if one just want to extract the package or otherwise check its
      requirements. This could also break the "mirror distfiles" bulk builds.
      Thus the alternative selection now considers all available alternatives (still
      sorted with the user preference first) and two kind of errors can be generated:
       1. The first kind is when no alternative exist at all. This is still a fatal
          error, this indicates something really wrong with the dependencies.
       2. An alternative exists, but is not in the user preferences. This is a "soft"
          error (triggered only for cbbh (aka. build) targets and not cbeh
          (aka. extract) targets).
      This solves the "mirror distfiles" issue while preserving the good old
      behaviour of not building a package with a user-disabled alternative.
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      [mk] Fix a corner case issue in dependency constraint reduction · 286150ab
      Anthony Mallet authored
      When dealing with multiple constraints on a package (e.g x>n x>m), it could
      happen that the lower/upper bounds on the constraint would be incorrectly
      computed if the different version numbers would have a different number of
      comonents AND the other side of the bound would be longer as well
      (e.g: x>=1<3.0 x>=2.1). This was in practice not triggered by any existing
      Fix that by making sure to reset the array encoding the min/max constraint
      before updating it.
  4. 30 Mar, 2018 2 commits
  5. 28 Mar, 2018 9 commits
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      [mk] Fix displayed % done in tsort-set for sets that are "strict" · 3931f751
      Anthony Mallet authored
      Strict sets skip packages not explicitely listed in their configuration. But
      they still process packages dependencies to keep the build order topologically
      sorted. The packages outside the strict set are just skipped.
      The counter of processed packages must be incremented no matter if they are
      skipped or not, otherwise the displayed "% done" is incorrect. This could be
      seen on bulk builds for the wip/ directory.
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      [pkgtools/rbulkit] Update to 20180328 · a33a9a58
      Anthony Mallet authored
      Changes since 20170123:
       * Discard bulk logs if they cannot be inserted in the result database
         (avoiding to have them inserted in the wrong database by a future
         session). Database update failure almost never happen, and the logs are not
         critical, so loosing them is actually a better option than manually cleaning
         a wrong database update.
       * Make sure rbulk-dispatchd starts jobs with a clean log file. This could
         happen after an unclean shutdown of the daemon which could leave old files
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      [motion/dnyamic-graph-bridge] Add missing dependencies in depend.mk · b80b67bc
      Anthony Mallet authored
      The installed .pc and headers of this package leak many internal
      dependencies. Thus, all of them has to become direct dependencies of depending
      This fixes in particular motion/sot-core not finding bullet at build time.
    • Anthony Mallet's avatar
      [robots/mikrokopter-genom3] Fix PLIST · 1c1ffd5a
      Anthony Mallet authored
      Do not bump PKGREVISION. The missing entries were just about doc, nobody
      wants to read this ;)
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      [lang/ros-gencpp] Fix DEPEND_ABI for ros-{kinetic,lunar} · ded6902e
      Anthony Mallet authored
      ros-gencpp is now at version 0.6 for ros kinetic and ros-lunar.
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      [meta-pkgs/orocos-toolchain] Update to 2.9.0rc1 · ec01d56d
      Anthony Mallet authored
      Changes since 2.8.1 not available upstream.
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      [architecture/orocos-ocl] Update to 2.9.0rc1 · 7ee946b2
      Anthony Mallet authored
      Changes since 2.8.1 not available upstream.
      However, visible changes include:
       * Fix build with recent g++ and boost
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      [middleware/orocos-rtt] Update to 2.9.0rc1 · c21f8161
      Anthony Mallet authored
      Changes since 2.8.1 not available upstream.
      However visible changes include:
       * Fix build with recent g++ and boost
       * patch-ac for boost >= 1.61 applied upstream
      Still need patch-ab to fix gcc detection for gcc >= 7
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      [devel/orocos-log4cpp] Update to 2.9.0rc1 · 294ed56f
      Anthony Mallet authored
      Changes since 2.8.1 not available upstream.
      However, visible changes include:
       * Renamed headers from include/log4cpp to include/orocos/log4cpp
       * Renamed libraires from liblog4cpp.so to liborocos-log4cpp.so
       * Renamed pkg-config file from log4cpp.pc to rocos-log4cpp.pc
  6. 27 Mar, 2018 3 commits
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      [mk] Let tsort-set script still return a package name when none is available · d54a670a
      Anthony Mallet authored
      When a package is "not available" for a given platform, the print-pkgnames will
      (correctly) return an empty list. This makes tsort-set think that no package
      is matching here.
      This is bad because:
        * bulk builds results won't be triggered for this package (and appear as
          "unknown" instead of "cannot be built here" / "not available").
        * package sets without NULLGLOB option will incorrectly raise an error
      Fix by using the default PKGNAME in tsort-set when print-pkgnames returns the
      empty list.
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      [mk] Export PKG_PATH to pkgrepo2deb when building debian packages · 868918ed
      Anthony Mallet authored
      Should address issue #154 and repair the dependencies of the debian packages
      from wip/.
    • Anthony Mallet's avatar
      [pkgtools/pkgrepo2deb] Update to 1.3 · 53fb5dca
      Anthony Mallet authored
      Changes since 1.2:
       * Honour PKG_PATH when resolving robotpkg dependencies (#154)
       * Skip directories when running dpkg-query -S (to avoid getting a huge
         list of unrelated dependencies).
  7. 26 Mar, 2018 1 commit
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      [mk] Add PKGSET_NULLGLOB option, (dis)allowing empty directives in pkg sets · 4a6cac1f
      Anthony Mallet authored
      It was initially (and still is) a feature to allow, in a in package set
      definition, a package pattern expanding to the empty list. However, this can in
      practice hide a typo which may be hard to track down if the package set is
      otherwise not empty.
      This commit adds a new directive PKGSET_NULLGLOB, which can be specialized per
      package set with PKGSET_NULLGLOB.<set-name>, that controls whether a set should
      allow patterns exanding to an empty list.
      PKGSET_NULLGLOB defaults to no, thus now forbidding empty expansions by
      default. It can be turned back to 'yes' to restore the previous behaviour.
  8. 25 Mar, 2018 1 commit
  9. 23 Mar, 2018 3 commits
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      [mk] Force the bulk target to update uncomplete binary package repository · ce73a0f1
      Anthony Mallet authored
      If, for whatever reason, the packaging of a file and repository updates fails
      before completion (e.g. because the building machine is powered down), even
      with commit:25f649f the package repository may be left in an inconsistent
      To prevent further bulk builds to think that the build was successfull, a
      marker file is left along with the binary package file, and removed only at the
      very end of the packaging phase. If the file is present when the bulk target
      starts, this indicates a previous failure that could not be recovered and the
      packaging will be redone.
      This should address issue #151
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      [mk] Undo binary package publication in case of failure in the package target · d517aa81
      Anthony Mallet authored
      The 'package' target writes outside $WRKDIR. After building the binary package
      file itself, a few admistrative tasks must be performed to update the binary
      package repository and invoke additional targets like building a debian package
      from the binary package.
      In case of error in the middle of these administrative tasks, it is safer to
      rollback all modifications that were done to the packages repository, so that
      it stays in a consistent state.
      This is done like for the `install` target, by using a recursive make
      invocation, tracking any error and invoking the rollback target if necessary.
      As a side effect, a new "depackage" toplevel target is added, which is
      available to the users to manually remove a package from the repository.
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      [graphics/hpp-gepetto-viewer] Avoid build failure with doxygen-1.8.6 · 56c24970
      Anthony Mallet authored
      * patch-aa: Disable tagfiles, this triggers a segfault in doxygen-1.8.6 while
        processing the gepetto-viewer-corba.doxytag. This does not change the
        documentation anyway: the generated "related pages" is empty even with
        tagfiles on.
  10. 22 Mar, 2018 1 commit
  11. 21 Mar, 2018 1 commit
  12. 20 Mar, 2018 2 commits
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      [math/py-eigenpy] Fix build for python3 · 26d05d97
      Anthony Mallet authored
      Pass the boost-python library name to cmake. For some reason, one must define
      Boost_PYTHON_LIBRARY_RELEASE and _DEBUG, passing just Boost_PYTHON_LIBRARY does
      not work?
      Add patch-ad, fixing hardcoded python library name in the installed .pc
    • Anthony Mallet's avatar
      [devel/boost-libs] Fix boost-libs-python SYSTEM_SEARCH · 2c516e54
      Anthony Mallet authored
      Boost::Python is a special package in that it inherits all the python fun
      depending on the python version used. The fun is even more increased since
      different distributions will name the boost_python libraries differently.
      Fix SYSTEM_SEARCH to look for boost-python{py[0-9]*,3,}. This matches known
      names for those libraries on supported architectures.
      While here, fix the NetBSD system package hint: devel/boost-python was renamed
      to devel/py-boost.