Commit 758aed23 authored by Anthony Mallet's avatar Anthony Mallet
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[mk] print-pkgnames prints all existing alternatives

In combination with commit:b014d103, this allows to list all valid/existing
package names for all alternatives (read: python alternatives ...) instead of
just those allowed to build.

This also complements commit:d54a670a and will improve the bulk build results
for those packages that exist but are disabled (read: python versions not
available by default on a system).
parent b014d103
# Copyright (c) 2011,2013 LAAS/CNRS
# Copyright (c) 2011,2013,2018 LAAS/CNRS
# All rights reserved.
# Permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this software for any purpose
......@@ -134,7 +134,7 @@ endef
# will produce the right PKGNAME[_NOTAG] value.
override define combiname-alt # (alternative list, options)
$(strip $(if $1, \
$(foreach _,$(foreach a,${PREFER_ALTERNATIVE.$(word 1,$1)}, \
$(foreach _,$(foreach a,${PKG_ALTERNATIVES.$(word 1,$1)}, \
$(if $(strip ${PKG_ALTERNATIVE_SELECT.$a}),$a)), \
$(call combiname-alt,$(call cdr,$1),$2,$3 $(word 1,$1):=$_)), \
$(foreach _,$3,$(eval override PKG_ALTERNATIVE.$_)) \
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