Commit 60a93ffd authored by Anthony Mallet's avatar Anthony Mallet
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[mk/sysdep] Make blender version detection more robust

The blender version output by blender -v might not be on the first line.
parent 534423e1
......@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ DEPEND_USE+= blender
DEPEND_ABI.blender?= blender>=2.62
'bin/blender{,-[0-9]*}:1{s/sub.*)//;s/[^0-9.]//gp;}:% -v'
'bin/blender{,-[0-9]*}:/^[Bb]lender/{s/sub.*)//;s/[^0-9.]//gp;}:% -v'
endif # BLENDER_DEPEND_MK -----------------------------------------------------
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