Commit b5c25b66 authored by Sébastien Kleff's avatar Sébastien Kleff
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fixed eigen size fault CI

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......@@ -268,7 +268,7 @@ void test_calc_alpha0_equivalent_euler(
const boost::shared_ptr<crocoddyl::ActionDataAbstract>& dataEulerTerminal = modelEuler->createData();
modelLPF->calc(dataLPFTerminal, y);
modelEuler->calc(dataEulerTerminal, x);
BOOST_CHECK((dataLPFTerminal->r - dataEulerTerminal->r).isZero(tol));
BOOST_CHECK((dataLPFTerminal->r.head(modelEuler->get_nr()) - dataEulerTerminal->r).isZero(tol));
BOOST_CHECK((dataLPFTerminal->cost - dataEulerTerminal->cost) <= tol);
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