Commit da1929be authored by Pierre Fernbach's avatar Pierre Fernbach Committed by Pierre Fernbach
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[Python] add bindings of ContactSequence class

parent 19782f52
......@@ -28,9 +28,14 @@ struct ContactSequencePythonVisitor : public bp::def_visitor<ContactSequencePyth
cl.def(bp::init<size_t>(bp::arg("size"), "Default constructor from a given size."))
.def(bp::init<>(bp::arg(""),"Default constructor."))
.def(bp::init<CS>(bp::args("other"), "Copy contructor."))
.def("size", &CS::size, "Size of the contact sequence.")
.def("size", &CS::size, "Return the size of the contact sequence.")
.def("resize", &CS::resize,bp::arg("size"), "Resize the vector of ContactPhases.")
"Add the given ContactPhase at the end of the sequence. \n"
"Return the new id of this ContactPhase inside the sequence.")
"Vector of Contact Phases contained in the sequence")
.def(bp::self == bp::self)
.def(bp::self != bp::self)
.def("copy", &copy, "Returns a copy of *this.");
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