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[Examples] add script that load a contact sequence and display it

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import curves
from multicontact_api import ContactSequence
import gepetto.corbaserver
import pinocchio as pin
from rospkg import RosPack
import time
import argparse
import subprocess
import atexit
import os
# Define robot model
robot_package_name = "talos_data"
urdf_name = "talos_reduced"
# Define environment
env_package_name = "hpp_environments"
env_name = "multicontact/ground" # default value, may be defined with argument
scene_name = "world"
# timestep used to display the configurations
DT_DISPLAY = 0.04 # 25 fps
def display_wb(robot, q_t):
t = q_t.min()
while t <= q_t.max():
t_start = time.time()
elapsed = time.time() - t_start
if elapsed > DT_DISPLAY:
print("Warning : display not real time ! choose a greater time step for the display.")
time.sleep(DT_DISPLAY - elapsed)
# display last config if the total duration is not a multiple of the dt
if __name__ == '__main__':
# Get cs_name from the arguments:
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description="Load a ContactSequence and display the joint-trajectory in gepetto-gui")
parser.add_argument('cs_name', type=str, help="The name of the serialized ContactSequence file")
parser.add_argument('--env_name', type=str, help="The name of environment urdf file in hpp_environments")
args = parser.parse_args()
cs_name = args.cs_name
if args.env_name:
env_name = args.env_name
# Start the gepetto-gui background process["killall", "gepetto-gui"])
process_viewer = subprocess.Popen("gepetto-gui",
# Load robot model in pinocchio
rp = RosPack()
urdf = rp.get_path(robot_package_name) + '/urdf/' + urdf_name + '.urdf'
robot = pin.RobotWrapper.BuildFromURDF(urdf, pin.StdVec_StdString(), pin.JointModelFreeFlyer())
# Load environment model
cl = gepetto.corbaserver.Client()
gui = cl.gui
env_package_path = rp.get_path(env_package_name)
env_urdf_path = env_package_path + '/urdf/' + env_name + '.urdf'
gui.addUrdfObjects(scene_name + "/environments", env_urdf_path, True)
# Load the motion from the multicontact-api file
cs = ContactSequence()
assert cs.haveJointsTrajectories(), "The file loaded do not have joint trajectories stored."
q_t = cs.concatenateQtrajectories()
display_wb(robot, q_t)
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