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Add test when converting a derivative of bezier curve

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......@@ -522,6 +522,11 @@ void cubicConversionTest(bool& error)
//std::cout<<"bezier to hermite \n";
cubic_hermite_spline_t chs2 = hermite_from_curve<cubic_hermite_spline_t, bezier_curve_t>(bc0);
CompareCurves<bezier_curve_t, cubic_hermite_spline_t>(bc0, chs2, errMsg1, error);
// Test : compute derivative of bezier => Convert it to polynomial
bezier_curve_t bc_der = bc0.compute_derivate(1);
polynomial_t pol_test = polynomial_from_curve<polynomial_t, bezier_curve_t>(bc_der);
CompareCurves<bezier_curve_t, polynomial_t>(bc_der, pol_test, errMsg1, error);
/*Exact Cubic Function tests*/
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