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Rename scripts for better readability.

parent 2e2c4476
......@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ ps.createTransformationConstraint ('grasp', gripperName, ballName,
ballInGripper, 6*[True,])
## Create nodes and edges
# Warning the order of the nodes may be important. When checking in which node
# Warning the order of the nodes is important. When checking in which node
# a configuration lies, node constraints will be checked in the order of node
# creation.
graph.createNode (['grasp', 'placement'])
......@@ -55,14 +55,12 @@ graph.setConstraints (edge='transfer', numConstraints = [])
graph.setConstraints (edge='release-ball', numConstraints = [])
## Project initial configuration on state 'placement'
res, q_init, error = ps.client.manipulation.problem.applyConstraints \
(graph.nodes ['placement'], q1)
res, q_init, error = graph.applyNodeConstraints ('placement', q1)
q2 = q1 [::]
q2 [7] = .2
## Project goal configuration on state 'placement'
res, q_goal, error = ps.client.manipulation.problem.applyConstraints \
(graph.nodes ['placement'], q2)
res, q_goal, error = graph.applyNodeConstraints ('placement', q2)
## Define manipulation planning problem
ps.setInitialConfig (q_init)
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