Commit 9a14e35f authored by Joseph Mirabel's avatar Joseph Mirabel Committed by Joseph Mirabel
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Add setConstantRightHandSide to slide class-2/Numerical constraints

parent b83c2f94
......@@ -65,8 +65,14 @@ Constraints to which manipulation motions are subject can be expressed numerical
\item Numerical constraints:
$$f (\conf) = 0,\ \ \ \begin{array}{l}m\in\entiernaturel,\\ f\in C^1(\CS,\real^m)\end{array} $$
\item \texttt{\scriptsize setConstantRightHandSide(True)}
\item Parameterizable numerical constraints:
$$f (\conf) = f_0,\ \ \ \begin{array}{l}m\in\entiernaturel,\\ f\in C^1(\CS,\real^m) \\ f_0\in\real^m\end{array} $$
\item \texttt{\scriptsize setConstantRightHandSide(False)}
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