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Cosmetic: add documentation to class CenterOfMassComputation.

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......@@ -26,6 +26,18 @@
namespace hpp {
namespace pinocchio {
/// Computation of the center of mass of a subtree of a kinematic tree
/// To use this class, create an instance using
/// CenterOfMassComputation::create method and call method
/// CenterOfMassComputation::add with parameter the root joint
/// of the subtree.
/// In most cases, the root joint of the subtree is the root joint of
/// the robot (hpp::pinocchio::Device::rootJoint ()), but in a manipulation
/// context, the kinematic tree contains several robots and objects.
/// This class enables users to compute the center of mass of only one
/// robot or object.
class CenterOfMassComputation
......@@ -36,17 +48,29 @@ namespace hpp {
/// \endcond
/// Create instance and return shared pointer.
/// Do not forget to call method add to specify the root joint of
/// relevant kinematic tree.
static CenterOfMassComputationPtr_t create (const DevicePtr_t& device);
/// Add a subtree to the computation of the center of mass.
/// When several subtrees are provided, method \c compute computes the
/// center of mass of the union of the subtrees.
void add (const JointPtr_t& rootOfSubtree);
/// Compute the center of mass and Jacobian of the sub-trees.
void compute (const Device::Computation_t& flag
= Device::ALL);
/// Get center of mass of the subtree.
const vector3_t& com () const { return [0]; }
/// Get mass of the sub-tree.
const value_type& mass () const { return data.mass[0]; }
/// Get Jacobian of center of mass of the sub-tree.
const ComJacobian_t& jacobian () const { return data.Jcom ; }
/// Get const reference to the vector of sub-tree roots.
const JointRootIndexes_t & roots () const { return roots_; }
~CenterOfMassComputation ();
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