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Merge pull request #148 from nim65s/devel

add required consts for C++17
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......@@ -94,13 +94,13 @@ namespace serialization {
namespace remove_duplicate {
template<typename Key, typename Compare = std::less<Key> >
struct ptr_less : Compare {
inline bool operator() (Key const* t1, Key const* t2) { return Compare::operator() (*t1, *t2); }
inline bool operator() (Key const* t1, Key const* t2) const { return Compare::operator() (*t1, *t2); }
template<typename Derived>
struct eigen_compare {
bool operator() (const Eigen::PlainObjectBase<Derived>& a,
const Eigen::PlainObjectBase<Derived>& b)
const Eigen::PlainObjectBase<Derived>& b) const
if (a.size() < b.size()) return true;
if (a.size() > b.size()) return false;
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