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Revert "Change default bounding volume to BV_OBB rather than BV_OBBRSS"

This reverts commit 91bc9b38.
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-*- outline -*-
New in v4.6.1
* Revert default bounding volume to BV_OBBRSS instead of BV_OBB.
- distance computations between BV_OBBRSS is not available.
New in v4.6,
* Fix API of loadModel (use base frame rather than base joint).
* Change default bounding volume to BV_OBB rather than BV_OBBRSS.
......@@ -216,7 +216,7 @@ namespace hpp {
GeomModel geomModel;
std::vector<std::string> baseDirs = ::pinocchio::rosPaths();
static fcl::MeshLoaderPtr loader (new fcl::CachedMeshLoader (fcl::BV_OBB));
static fcl::MeshLoaderPtr loader (new fcl::CachedMeshLoader (fcl::BV_OBBRSS));
::pinocchio::urdf::buildGeom(*model, urdfStream, ::pinocchio::COLLISION, geomModel, baseDirs, loader);
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