Commit 73c8e145 authored by Nicolas Mansard's avatar Nicolas Mansard Committed by Nicolas Mansard
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Fix a bug in model loader.

parent 9b2519a4
......@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@ hpp::pinocchio::DevicePtr_t hppPinocchio( bool withGeoms, const std::string urdf
if( withGeoms )
std::vector<std::string> baseDirs; baseDirs.push_back("@ROMEO_DESCRIPTION_DATAROOTDIR@");
std::vector<std::string> baseDirs; baseDirs.push_back(ROMEO_MODEL_DIR);
hpp::pinocchio::GeomModelPtr_t geom( new se3::GeometryModel() );
se3::GeometryModel & geomRef = *geom;
geomRef = se3::urdf::buildGeom(pinocchio->model(),pinocchio->name(),baseDirs,se3::COLLISION);
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