Commit 3e3e9108 authored by Joseph Mirabel's avatar Joseph Mirabel Committed by Joseph Mirabel
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Add uncomplete check of Joint::currentTransformation

parent af5fb127
......@@ -188,6 +188,22 @@ BOOST_AUTO_TEST_CASE (compute)
pinocchio->controlComputation (hpp::pinocchio::Device::ALL);
// Skip root joint because the name is not the same.
for (int i=2;i<pinocchio->model()->njoint;++i)
const std::string& name = pinocchio->model()->names[i];
hpp::model ::JointPtr_t jm = model ->getJointByName (name);
hpp::pinocchio::JointPtr_t jp = pinocchio->getJointByName (name);
hpp::model ::Transform3f tfm = jm->currentTransformation();
hpp::pinocchio::Transform3f tfp = jp->currentTransformation();
// The center of the joint frames should be the same.
BOOST_CHECK( tfm.getTranslation().isApprox(tfp.translation()) );
// The rotations may be permuted because HPP only has a rotation around X.
// To be checked using urdf link position (see hpp-constraints/pmdiff/
if( verbose )
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