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Notify release 4.10.0.

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-*- outline -*-
New in v4.10.0
* Enable users to create LiegroupSpace::R1 with rotation template argument.
* Use CMake to handle dependencies (cmake submodule).
* Add CollisionObject::geometry and prepare deprecation of
* Add function replaceGeometryByConvexHull.
* Add package.xml
* Add equality operator in class Joint.
* Add serialization functions.
New in v4.9.0
New in v4.6.1
* Revert default bounding volume to BV_OBBRSS instead of BV_OBB.
- distance computations between BV_OBBRSS is not available.
<?xml version='1.0'?>
<package format='2'>
<description>Wrapping of the kinematic/dynamic chain Pinocchio for HPP. </description>
<maintainer email=''>Joseph Mirabel</maintainer>
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