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python: enhance Convex exposition

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......@@ -71,6 +71,7 @@
using namespace boost::python;
using namespace hpp::fcl;
namespace dv = doxygen::visitor;
namespace bp = boost::python;
using boost::noncopyable;
......@@ -122,11 +123,20 @@ void exposeBVHModel (const std::string& bvname)
struct ConvexBaseWrapper
static Vec3f points (const ConvexBase& convex, int i)
typedef Eigen::Matrix<double,Eigen::Dynamic,3,Eigen::RowMajor> RowMatrixX3;
typedef Eigen::Map<RowMatrixX3> MapRowMatrixX3;
typedef Eigen::Ref<RowMatrixX3> RefRowMatrixX3;
static Vec3f & point (const ConvexBase& convex, int i)
if (i >= convex.num_points) throw std::out_of_range("index is out of range");
return convex.points[i];
static RefRowMatrixX3 points (const ConvexBase& convex)
return MapRowMatrixX3(convex.points[0].data(),convex.num_points,3);
static list neighbors (const ConvexBase& convex, int i)
......@@ -232,7 +242,18 @@ void exposeShapes ()
("ConvexBase", doxygen::class_doc<ConvexBase>(), no_init)
.DEF_RO_CLASS_ATTRIB (ConvexBase, center)
.DEF_RO_CLASS_ATTRIB (ConvexBase, num_points)
.def ("points", &ConvexBaseWrapper::points)
.def ("point", &ConvexBaseWrapper::point,
bp::args("self","index"),"Retrieve the point given by its index.",
.def ("points", &ConvexBaseWrapper::point,
bp::args("self","index"),"Retrieve the point given by its index.",
::hpp::fcl::python::deprecated_member< bp::return_internal_reference<> >())
.def ("points", &ConvexBaseWrapper::points,
bp::args("self"),"Retrieve all the points.",
// .add_property ("points",
// bp::make_function(&ConvexBaseWrapper::points,bp::with_custodian_and_ward_postcall<0,1>()),
// "Points of the convex.")
.def ("neighbors", &ConvexBaseWrapper::neighbors)
.def ("convexHull", &ConvexBaseWrapper::convexHull,
......@@ -370,8 +391,6 @@ void exposeCollisionGeometries ()
namespace bp = boost::python;
"A class describing the AABB collision structure, which is a box in 3D space determined by two diagonal points",
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