Commit 17874bf7 authored by Florent Lamiraux's avatar Florent Lamiraux Committed by Florent Lamiraux
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Fix function meshShapeCollisionOrientedNodeLeafTesting,

  sqrDistLowerBound output parameter was not computed.
parent 0426652f
......@@ -253,7 +253,7 @@ static inline void meshShapeCollisionOrientedNodeLeafTesting
const Transform3f& tf2, const NarrowPhaseSolver* nsolver,
bool enable_statistics, int& num_leaf_tests,
const CollisionRequest& request, CollisionResult& result,
FCL_REAL& sqrDistLowerBound)
if(enable_statistics) num_leaf_tests++;
const BVNode<BV>& node = model1->getBV(b1);
......@@ -278,6 +278,7 @@ static inline void meshShapeCollisionOrientedNodeLeafTesting
p1, -normal, -distance));
sqrDistLowerBound = distance * distance;
assert (distance > 0);
if (request.security_margin == 0) return;
if (distance <= request.security_margin) {
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