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<h1>Package not installed</h1>
<h3>dynamicsJRLJapan does not seem to be installed</h3>
Or it has been installed more recently than this documentation. In this case, you need to configure and install again this documentation.
To install dynamicsJRLJapan, you need either
<li>to get the source code through git: <code>git-clone git+ssh://[softs|git]</code>, configure, compile and install the package.</code> </li>
<li>or install it through <code>robotpkg</code>: <code>cd ${ROBOTPKG_BASE}/robotpkg/math/jrl-dynamics; make update</code>
<h4>Note that you will need to configure and install again this documentation to activate the link to dynamicsJRLJapan.</h4>
<img src="../../pictures/footer.jpg" Height=100>
<br>Humanoid Path Planner documentation</br>
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