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"Implement basic classes used as interfaces with KineoPathPlanner"
"Implement basic classes for canonical path planning for kinematic chains."
hppCore implements basic classes used as interfaces with KineoPathPlanner.
The main classes are:
This package implements path planning algorithms for kinematic chains.
Kinematic chains are represented by class hpp::model::Device.
* hpp::core::Device: implement a humanoid robot with a dynamical model.
* hpp::core::Problem: define a canonical path planning problem.
* hpp::core::Planner: contains a vector of above path planning problems to
implement iterative planning algorithms that use several instaciations of
a robot.
The main classes are:
This package and depending packages implementing algorithms can be used
with or without GUI, depending on whether we are developing and debugging
new algorithms or we want to run the algorithms on-board a robot.
* hpp::core::Problem: defines a canonical path planning problem,
* hpp::core::PathPlanner: implements an algorithm to solve a problem,
* hpp::core::Roadmap: stores a network of collision-free paths
* hpp::core::SteeringMethod: builds paths between configurations taking into
account kinematic constraints.
* hpp::core::Path: paths for a robot.
Upon some events (a problem is added in hpp::core::Planner object, a path has
been planned, ...), notifications are sent.
Embedding hpp-core into an application
* When working with the GUI, these notification are caught by the
interface and objects are added in the view,
* when working without interface, the notification have no effet.
Class hpp::core::ProblemSolver is a container aiming at embedding
hpp-core into an application. It stores elements of the problem
that can be provided in random order and builds a valid problem
upon call of method solve. After completion of method solve, it
stores solution paths.
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