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Update NEWS.

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-*- outline -*-
* Serialize several classes for save and loading roadmaps
* use shared pointers to class Problem only. Classes previously storing const
references to Problem now store const weak pointers. Classes that use to
take a const reference to problem in the constructor now take a const
shared pointer.
New in v4.10.0
* Add a parameter to set the center of the Gaussiant configuration shooter.
* Add a parameter to set the center of the Gaussian configuration shooter.
* Fix bug in Reeds and Shepp paths when curvature is not equal to 1.
* Handle LockedJoint and Implicit instances in the same container in ProblemSolver class. make method ProblemSolver::addLockedJointToConfigProjector deprecated.
* Replace class ContinuousCollisionChecking by class ContinuousValidation for broader generalisation.
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