Commit 6813a999 authored by Eiichi Yoshida's avatar Eiichi Yoshida
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Call path opthmizer with the penetration specified for roadmap builder.

Without this penetration, adaptive shortcut optimizer does not work.
parent 74f18bd9
......@@ -417,9 +417,10 @@ ktStatus ChppPlanner::solveOneProblem(unsigned int problemId)
// optimizer for the path
if (hppProblem.pathOptimizer()) {
hppProblem.pathOptimizer()->optimizePath(kwsPath, hppProblem.roadmapBuilder()->penetration());
cout << "ChppPlanner::solveOneProblem: path optimized" << endl;
cout << "ChppPlanner::solveOneProblem: path optimized with penetration "
<< hppProblem.roadmapBuilder()->penetration()<<endl;
} else {
cerr << " no Optimizer Defined " << endl ;
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