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2013/10/08 Release 2.7.0
1. Add hpp-util dependency.
2. Use hpp-util KiteLab replacement macros to prevent
-pedantic warnings.
3. Fix warnings.
2012/06/18 Release 2.5
1. Add a method to clear all the roadmaps,
2. fix bug in parser,
3. do not set stable ends when planning with path optimizer,
4. fix bug in method Problem::resetGoalConfig,
5. update documentation.
2012/02/11 Release 2.4
1. Enable users to define several goal configurations.
2. Some methods that used to return ktStatus now assert and return void.
See porting notes in the documentation.
2012/02/03 Release 2.3
1. Fix parser to handle devices that are not of type hpp::model::Device.
2. addHppProblem, removeHppProblem, addHppProblemAtBeginning and
removeHppProblemAtBeginning are now virtual.
2012/01/27 Release 2.2
1. Replace CkwsPathOptimizer by CkwsPathPlanner
CkwsPathPlanner is a more general class than CkwsPathOptimizer. This
modification allows to post-process the solution of a path planning
problem with greater variety of algorithms.
2011/12/18 Release 2.1
1. Use steering method component instead of simple steering methods.
2011/12/21 Release 2.0
1. Compatibility with Kitelab 2.06.
2010/10/01 Release 1.12.1
1. Use same guards for deprecated and new headers
2010/08/18 Release 1.12
1. headers have been installed in include/hpp/core
2. package is now managed by cmake
3. implementation of an extension of Kineo parser for ChppHumanoidRobot.
2009/08/28 Release 1.10.0
1. Class ChppBody has been synchronized with hppModel implementation.
2009/07/11 Release 1.9.0
1. Class ChppProblem has been modified.
- a method solve has been added and some code has been moved from
ChppPlanner::solveOneProblem to ChppProblem::solve.
- By default, when solving a path planning problem, the path
optimizer is not called if the path resulting from planning
contains only one direct path. This default behavior can now be
overriden by calling method ChppProblem::alwaysOptimize(true);
2. The internal structure of the package has been changed in order to
use autotools in a more robust way.
2009-05-29 Release 1.8.2
2009-05-28 Release 1.8.1
2009-04-18 Release 1.8
2009-03-14 Release 1.7
-*- outline -*-
New in 4.1, 2018-05-17
* ProblemSolver::directPath now calls path projector if defined.
* Implement Dubins, reverse Dubins (Snibud) steering methods
* Rewrite Reeds and Shepp steering method.
* In ProblemSolver, when loading new robot, reset obstacles.
* Move LockedJointPtr_t and JointAndShapes_t from hpp::manipulation::ProblemSolver
* Use MATHJAX for documentation generation.
* Explicit relative transformation takes values in SE3.
* Add getter to joint1 and joint2 in ExplicitRelativeTransform.
* Add k nearest neightbor search in whole roadmap.
* Implement k-PRM*.
* Implement continuousCollisionChecking::Progressive::filterCollisionPairs.
* Add accessor to the SteeringMethod::problem_.
* Add TimeParameterization and add it to Path.
* Fix loop of shared ptr of ConnectedComponent.
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