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......@@ -77,8 +77,18 @@ namespace hpp {
SplineGradientBased (const Problem& problem);
// Constraint creation
/// \name Constraint creation
/// \{
/// Compute a conservative linear representation of the constraints.
/// It determines:
/// \li which DoFs can be computed explicitely. These DoFs are removed
/// from the variables and computed explicitely.
/// \li which DoFs are constrained implicitely. These DoFs are removed
/// from the variables and are set constant.
/// \li which DoFs are not constrained. These DoFs are kept as
/// variables for optimization.
virtual void addProblemConstraints (const PathVectorPtr_t& init, const Splines_t& splines, LinearConstraint& lc, SplineOptimizationDatas_t& sods) const;
void addProblemConstraintOnPath (const PathPtr_t& path, const size_type& idxSpline, const SplinePtr_t& spline, LinearConstraint& lc, SplineOptimizationData& sod) const;
......@@ -91,6 +101,8 @@ namespace hpp {
const value_type& guessThr = -1,
const bool& useExplicitInput = false) const;
/// \}
bool checkOptimum_;
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