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Merge pull request #180 from jmirabel/devel

Remove old files + Fix usage of JointModelComposite.
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2009-07-09 Thomas Moulard <thomas.moulard@gmail.com>
Embed properly images in documentation.
* doc/Makefile.am: Distribute images properly.
* doc/pictures/archi.fig: Rename from doc/figures/archi.fig.
* doc/pictures/archi.pdf: Rename from doc/figures/archi.pdf.
* doc/pictures/archi.png: Rename from doc/figures/archi.png.
2009-07-09 Thomas Moulard <thomas.moulard@gmail.com>
Fix URL field in pkg-config file.
* build-aux/pkg-config.pc.in,
* configure.ac: Use configure defined value for URL
2009-07-08 Thomas Moulard <thomas.moulard@gmail.com>
Clean package.
* .gitignore: Update ignore list.
* Makefile.am: Add pkg-config, Libtool, doc rules.
* NEWS: New.
* build-aux/bootstrap: Do not overwrite generated files.
* build-aux/config.guess: New.
* build-aux/config.sub: New.
* build-aux/depcomp: New.
* build-aux/doxygen.m4: New.
* build-aux/init.mk: New.
* build-aux/install-sh: New.
* build-aux/kineo.mk: New.
* build-aux/libtool.m4: New.
* build-aux/ltmain.sh: New.
* build-aux/ltoptions.m4: New.
* build-aux/ltsugar.m4: New.
* build-aux/ltversion.m4: New.
* build-aux/lt~obsolete.m4: New.
* build-aux/missing: New.
* build-aux/move-if-change: New.
* build-aux/pkg-config.mk: New.
* build-aux/pkg-config.pc.in: New.
* build-aux/warning.m4: New.
* configure.ac: Clean.
* doc/Doxyfile.in: Rename from doc/hpp.dox.in.
* doc/Makefile.am: Use generic rules.
* doc/additionalDoc/package.h: New.
* doc/footer.html,
* doc/header.html: Make generic.
* doc/package.css: Rename from doc/hpp.css.
* doc/pictures/footer.jpg: Rename from doc/pictures/HRP2.jpg.
* include/Makefile.am: Simplify.
* src/Makefile.am: Simplify.
2009-07-03 Florent Lamiraux <florent@laas.fr>
Modification in main documentation page.
* doc/additionalDoc/hppCore.h: Explain that ChppBody and ChppDevice are
defined either locally or in hppModel package.
2009-05-29 Thomas Moulard <thomas.moulard@gmail.com>
Dump current version as
* configure.ac: here.
2009-05-29 Thomas Moulard <thomas.moulard@gmail.com>
Release 1.8.2.
* configure.ac: upgrade version number.
2009-05-29 Thomas Moulard <thomas.moulard@gmail.com>
Fix documentation installation.
* doc/Makefile.am: replace hppcore by hppCore.
* hppCore.pc.in: replace variables by values.
2009-05-28 Florent Lamiraux <florent@laas.fr>
Dump current version as
* configure.ac: here
2009-05-28 Florent Lamiraux <florent@laas.fr>
Release 1.8.1.
* configure.ac:
2009-05-28 Florent Lamiraux <florent@laas.fr>
Enhance documentation generation and cleaning.
* Makefile.am, doc/Makefile.am: make uninstall now deinstall doc.
2009-05-28 Florent Lamiraux <florent@laas.fr>
Make syntax compatible with up-coming versions of autoconf.
* configure.ac: Add brackets around arguments in macros.
2009-05-08 Florent Lamiraux <florent@laas.fr>
Modified implementation of ChppProblem::addObstacle().
* src/hppProblem.cpp: ChppProblem::addObstacle now dynamic
casts CkwsBody into subtypes and takes approriate actions.
2009-05-04 Florent Lamiraux <florent@laas.fr>
Add boolean argument in addObstacle().
* include/hppCore/hppPlanner.h,
* src/hppPlanner.cpp:
argument specifies whether distance to obstacle should be computed.
2009-05-03 Florent Lamiraux <florent@laas.fr>
Reimplement obstacle management in ChppProblem.
* include/hppCore/hppProblem.h, src/hppProblem.cpp:
Specify whether obstacle should give rise to distance computation.
* src/hppPlanner.cpp: added missing includes.
2009-05-03 Florent Lamiraux <florent@laas.fr>
Reindent hppProblem.h.
* include/hppCore/hppProblem.h: use emacs indentation.
2009-05-02 Florent Lamiraux <florent@laas.fr>
Re-indent and remove commented code.
* src/hppProblem.cpp: Code cleaning
2009-05-02 Florent Lamiraux <florent@laas.fr>
Replace method findBodyByName by findBodyByJointName.
* include/hppCore/hppPlanner.h,
* src/hppPlanner.cpp: In case the bodies of a
device are not of type ChppBody, they do not have
a name. It is therefore better to retrieve bodies
by the name of the joint they are attached to.
hppCore 1.8 released Apr 18, 2009
59. Fix documentation dependency (doxytag files)
58. Comply with latest changes in kwsPlus
57. Make ChppPlanner::solveOneProblem() virtual
hppCore 1.7 released Mar 14, 2009
56. Update documentation build and install
hppCore 1.6 released Dec 9, 2008
55. Implemented ChppProblem::penetration(double) method.
54. In ChppPlanner::solveOneProblem(), changed the validation
of direct connection.
53. Added penetration attribute and related methods in ChppProblem.
52. Added copy constructors in ChppPlanner and ChppProblem.
51. Added configuration extractor for solving problems with colliding
initial config.
50. Added error messages in several methods before returning KD_ERROR.
hppCore 1.5.1 released Sep 12, 2008
49. Set init and goal config functions now return a status.
hppCore 1.5 released Sep 09, 2008
48. Add a tests in ChppPlanner::solveOneProblem() the check the lenght
of kwsPath.
47. Validate config before solving problem in
46. Before validating direct path, set penetration in
45. Make ChppPlanner::roadmapBuilderIthProblem() virtual.
44. In ChppPlanner::solveOneProblem, test direct path with all
validators of device.
43. Added some tests in ChppPlanner::solveOneProblem() for robustness
42. In ChppPlanner::solveOneProblem, if path is null after calling
rdmBuilder return KD_ERROR.
41. Added a method to interrupt the roadmap builder during path
planning process.
hppCore 1.4 released June 13, 2008
40. In ChppPlanner::solveOneProblem(): if direct path is valid between
initial and goal configurations, add it in the roadmap.
39. Correction of a bug in ChppPlanner::solveOneProblem(). If the
steering method between initial and goal configurations returned
NULL, the function crashed.
38. Added boolean argument in ChppPlanner::roadmapBuilderIthProblem to
specify whether roadmap developed by roadmap builder should be
displayed in the interface.
Communication with interface is handled using notifications.
37. If CXXFLAGS and CFLAGS are not defined at configuration, they are
set to "-Wall".
36. Added access function to problems in the problem vector
35. In ChppPlanner::solveOneProblem, try direct path before roadmap
hppCore 1.3 released February 18, 2008
34. Added remove functions for hppProblemVector
33. Make ChppCore class closer to hppModel implementation.
32. Remove reference to kwsPlusRoadmap.
31. Removed implementation of methods that have disappeared from
the ChppBody.
30. Reorganization of header files to solve some compilation problems.
29. Pre-release of version compiling with hppModel
(--disable-body). ChppBody and ChppDevice are now implemented
in hppModel. WARNING: some methods and attribute names might
have changed.
28. Added ChppBody::addSolidComponent to add an object to a body
and insert it in the inner object list.
27. Added virtual method ChppPlanner::initializeProblem() to
enable customized initialization of objects deriving from
26. Added functionalities to display a roadmap. Might be quickly
25. void getInnerObjects(std::vector< CkcdObjectShPtr > & list);
and void getOuterObjects (std::vector< CkcdObjectShPtr > & list);
have been removed. Use CkwsKCDBody::innerObjects() and
CkwsKCDBody::outerObjects() instead.
24. First version of package that compiles with hppModel package.
23. Robot modelling (dynamic part and geometric part) have been
extracted from hppCore to hppModel.
22. hppCore can now be installed either with a dependence to
hppModel (implementing ChppDevice, ChppBody, ChppJoint) or
with a simplified implementation of ChppBody without dynamics but
with enhanced distance computation facilities.
hppCore 1.2 released October 10, 2007
21. When inserting a new problem, attach existing obstacles to the robot.
20. Added API function to optimize a path.
19. Added API functions to display a roadmap in the interface.
18. Add virtual method ChppPlanner::initializeProblem(). This
method implemented in ChppWalkPlanner can thus be called by Corba
hppCore 1.1 released August 27, 2007
17. Replaced ChppDevice by CkppDeviceComponent in ChppPlanner and
ChppProblem since
1 ChppDevice derives from CkppDeviceComponent and
2 The operations performed on objects of this type only concern
CkppDeviceComponent part.
15. Added a default implementation of ChppPlanner::solve so that
the class is not pure virtual.
17. Added a default implementation of ChppPlanner::solve.
16. Improvement of collision information displaying.
15. Call path opthmizer with the penetration specified for roadmap
hppCore 1.0.1 released July 20, 2007
14. remove ChppColPair::dof since it was not used
hppCore 1.0 released July 10, 2007
13. add a function in hppDevice to ignore another device (as its
bounding box for example).
12. Class ChppRoadmap has been moved into package kwsPlus (class
CkwsPlusRoadmap) so that it can be used outside HPP.
11. Modified files accordingly.
10. Added information on main page.
9. Added class ChppRoadmap in hppCore : This class allows users to
display a roadmap in the scene. To do so, change every occurence
of CkwsRoadmap by ChppRoadmap, and call method compute(), then
display(). Calls to these methods must be done only after a
solution path has been found. Linked Device must be ChppDevice.
8. Replace occurences of kwsRoadmap by hppRoadmap.
7. Removed @KWSIO_XXX@ from Makefile.am
6. Moved first page of documentation to general documentation hppDoc.
5. Generate doxytag file to access this documentation from depending packages.
4. Documentation is now compile at installation.
3. Correction of a bug in function ChppProblem::ObstacleList(const
std::vector<CkcdObjectShPtr>& inCollisionList):
the list of outer objects of each body of the robot was copied and
each obstacle of the new obstacle list was added
at the end of the copy of the outer object list, but not in the
outer object list.
2. Added method
ktStatus addHppProblemAtBeginning(ChppDeviceShPtr robot);
in ChppPlanner.
1. Replaced std::vector by std::deque to store vector of problem,
in order to be able to add a problem at the beginning of the vector.
# Template for uninstalling the files
# provided by this package.
# This file is coming straight from
# http://www.cmake.org/Wiki/CMake_FAQ
# O. Stasse, JRL, CNRS, 2010
IF(NOT EXISTS "@CMAKE_CURRENT_BINARY_DIR@/install_manifest.txt")
MESSAGE(FATAL_ERROR "Cannot find install manifest:\"@CMAKE_CURRENT_BINARY_DIR@/install_manifest.txt\"")
FILE(READ "@CMAKE_CURRENT_BINARY_DIR@/install_manifest.txt" files)
STRING(REGEX REPLACE "\n" ";" files "${files}")
FOREACH(file ${files})
MESSAGE(STATUS "Uninstalling \"$ENV{DESTDIR}${file}\"")
"@CMAKE_COMMAND@" ARGS "-E remove \"$ENV{DESTDIR}${file}\""
RETURN_VALUE rm_retval
IF(NOT "${rm_retval}" STREQUAL 0)
MESSAGE(FATAL_ERROR "Problem when removing \"$ENV{DESTDIR}${file}\"")
ENDIF(NOT "${rm_retval}" STREQUAL 0)
MESSAGE(STATUS "File \"$ENV{DESTDIR}${file}\" does not exist.")
......@@ -99,7 +99,7 @@ namespace hpp {
void ComputeSigmasStep::algo< ::pinocchio::JointModelComposite>(const ::pinocchio::JointModelBase< ::pinocchio::JointModelComposite> & jmodel,
void ComputeSigmasStep::algo< pinocchio::JointModelComposite>(const ::pinocchio::JointModelBase< pinocchio::JointModelComposite> & jmodel,
const pinocchio::Model& model,
vector_t& sigmas)
......@@ -136,8 +136,8 @@ namespace hpp {
void JointBoundConstraintStep::algo< ::pinocchio::JointModelComposite>(
const ::pinocchio::JointModelBase< ::pinocchio::JointModelComposite> & jmodel,
void JointBoundConstraintStep::algo< pinocchio::JointModelComposite>(
const ::pinocchio::JointModelBase< pinocchio::JointModelComposite> & jmodel,
vectorIn_t low,
vectorIn_t up,
vectorIn_t neutral,
......@@ -112,8 +112,8 @@ namespace hpp {
template <> void ComputeWeightStep::algo< ::pinocchio::JointModelComposite>(
const ::pinocchio::JointModelBase< ::pinocchio::JointModelComposite> & jmodel,
template <> void ComputeWeightStep::algo< pinocchio::JointModelComposite>(
const ::pinocchio::JointModelBase< pinocchio::JointModelComposite> & jmodel,
const pinocchio::Model & model,
const pinocchio::Data & data,
const pinocchio::GeomData & geomData,
......@@ -163,8 +163,8 @@ namespace hpp {
template <>
void SquaredDistanceStep::algo< ::pinocchio::JointModelComposite>(
const ::pinocchio::JointModelBase< ::pinocchio::JointModelComposite> & jmodel,
void SquaredDistanceStep::algo< pinocchio::JointModelComposite>(
const ::pinocchio::JointModelBase< pinocchio::JointModelComposite> & jmodel,
ConfigurationIn_t q0,
ConfigurationIn_t q1,
const value_type & w,
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