Commit 2588d5f5 authored by Florent Lamiraux's avatar Florent Lamiraux Committed by Joseph Mirabel
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Add a test on the copy of ConfigProjector class.

parent 80a1870b
......@@ -22,6 +22,7 @@
#include <hpp/pinocchio/simple-device.hh>
#include <hpp/constraints/generic-transformation.hh>
#include <hpp/constraints/solver/by-substitution.hh>
#include <hpp/core/constraint-set.hh>
#include <hpp/core/config-projector.hh>
......@@ -140,4 +141,28 @@ BOOST_AUTO_TEST_CASE (ref_not_zero)
BOOST_CHECK_MESSAGE ( cfg (2) > 1 , "Dof 2 should have been modified. " << cfg.head<3>().transpose());
using constraints::Implicit;
using constraints::ImplicitPtr_t;
DevicePtr_t dev = createRobot();
JointPtr_t xyz = dev->getJointByName ("root_joint");
ConfigProjectorPtr_t projector =
ConfigProjector::create (dev, "test", 1e-4, 20);
matrix3_t rot; rot.setIdentity ();
vector3_t zero; zero.setZero();
PositionPtr_t position
(Position::create ("Position", dev, xyz, Transform3f (rot, zero),
Transform3f(rot,vector3_t (1,1,1))));
ComparisonTypes_t equality (3, constraints::Equality);
ImplicitPtr_t constraint (Implicit::create (position, equality));
projector->add (constraint);
ConfigProjectorPtr_t copy (HPP_DYNAMIC_PTR_CAST (ConfigProjector,
projector->copy ()));
vector_t rhs (3);
bool success (copy->solver ().getRightHandSide (constraint, rhs));
BOOST_CHECK (success);
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