Commit 22f96b2a authored by Florent Lamiraux's avatar Florent Lamiraux
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Fix test on roadmap.

parent 003dd6a2
......@@ -78,9 +78,9 @@ BOOST_AUTO_TEST_CASE (Roadmap1) {
// Create steering method
SteeringMethodStraightPtr_t sm = SteeringMethodStraight::create (robot);
// create roadmap
RoadmapPtr_t r = Roadmap::create (WeighedDistance::create
(robot, boost::assign::list_of (1)(1)),
hpp::core::DistancePtr_t distance (WeighedDistance::create
(robot, boost::assign::list_of (1)(1)));
RoadmapPtr_t r = Roadmap::create (distance, robot);
std::vector <NodePtr_t> nodes;
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