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Update NEWS file before release.

	* NEWS.
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2009-07-11 Release 1.9.0
1. Class ChppProblem has been modified.
- a method solve has been added and some code has been moved from
ChppPlanner::solveOneProblem to ChppProblem::solve.
- By default, when solving a path planning problem, the path optimizer is
not called if the path resulting from planning contains only one direct
path. This default behavior can now be overriden by calling method
1. The internal structure of the package has been changed in order to use
autotools in a more robust way.
2009-05-29 Release 1.8.2
2009-05-28 Release 1.8.1
2009-04-18 Release 1.8
2009-03-14 Release 1.7
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